Emily Jacke

Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief

When my mum asked for help figuring out how to make a playing card costume for my sixth grade production of Alice in Wonderland, I puzzled and scribbled and designed a sandwich-board outfit inspired by John Tenniel's illustrations. It was cheap and simple and looked pretty good. I was hooked.

I began designing costumes for theatrical productions in earnest in 2005, and followed the fascination through a stint in the basement of a bridal shop, three summers of regional theatre, and four years of college. I now have nine years of design and six years of professional sewing experience under my belt.

I have stepped away from this path as my interests broaden and my understanding of the life I want changes. The skills I gained, both technical and interpersonal, while I was immersed in the world of theatre have proven invaluable again and again as I venture into other arenas.

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